City shooter

Date: 7/4/2017

By AntagonizedAdenosine

I had such a sad dream There were shootings all over the city. Two now. And I had witnessed one Major intersection (Y-F. Keeping anon) I was walking along the street when I suddenly just see several men with guns kicking over people and shooting them in the head. I run into a building and hear about the stories of three university professors who were killed by their students in the building . I hide in one of their tiny rooms in the basement and lock it. I locked the other ones too to make it more realistic. I hear a rattling and it's a little creature that I know for some reason and want to save. I was going to grab it when I hear foot steps and a person show up. It was mum thank god. I left the building and Natasha was there so we start walking home. We saw lots of ambulances, a pile of red bloody we don't know what, and lots of shot people. One was still moving so as we Walked towards the ambulances we said "hey lipolysis that one needs help" and he said ok and went over. *shooters wore no head wear and they were casually dressed with great hair* We went home At home I was talking to mum and preparing for the shooter again. We were going to pretend that the house was empty. I said we should leave town for a few days but she said that we were going to be safe here. We hid in the living room. I went upstairs and there was another mum. She was counting the cats I said "mum are you the real one? There are two mums" She sat on the toilet and said yes and I called the other mum and they both looked at eachother. The cat one started crying saying that she just needed to hide from the shooter. We gave her some headphones and she was going to stay with us. I go downstairs and I ask where Natasha is. Mum recalled "she didn't know where you were so she got on the bus" Natasha's voice "I just hope I'll make it through the toll road" Then a window smashed and they're immediately in the house Tall , skinny,in black with ski masks One shoots Christopher in the head and I run to him. There was no spatter. Just a bullet in his head. I can see the end of it. He may live. He cries a little and I hold the wound. He shoots again and misses and I say "please no" and he yells at us to be quiet. I look down at Christopher in my arms and my heart begins to hurt. My dream attempts to continue twice. "So listen" "so listen" Then my heart pain wakes me up