The Theme is Loss

Date: 7/23/2017

By Fitful

This dream falls into the middle of some complex happening. The school has been taken over by some blonde bitch in a pencil skirt and an attitude. She won't allow anything. We escape through a secret door in the lockers. I think the school resembles Hogwart's loosely but the story is far divergent. Instead I'm trying to break into a secret room in the catacombs, it's flooded with water and only someone who has sacrificed something may go. My friends and I all have gotten ready, I throw them down on pins and they puncture this forcefeild and manage to get through. Meanwhile I was sent to jail so I pretend to be another person in a jail sell, someone who is fair enough to be noticed by the guards by name, and he manages to get in somewhere locked. I try and dive down to the same place as my friends, but I end up hitting the forcefeild and i'm suddenly a shark in the ocean held back by the forcefeild and I can't get through. I think i might be an alien shark, I have many blue eyes on each side of my head, and I'm white and smallish. Later, unnoticed by any actual character in the dream story, an ape is left in a hospital room, and he uses some disguise to look like a Mexican man. Then he sees his glasses and begins screaming, they look like a newer version of young Dumbledore's glasses. He recalls younger Dumbledore suffered from a curse which made him change at night into a monstrous creature with jaws that now remind him of the ape he is. He screams realizing he has turned into an ape. ~ I am part of a really nice family and I'm now reliving a difficult day in it. I just lived the day yesterday so I know what happens, but it's even more painful the second time around. Or I'm in shock still. This family has come about sorta ramshakle, Miranda (my ex) is now my sister by adoption (sorta but not really because we're still dating) and is younger, looking like a little girl. Kinda like Alice from wonderland but with Miranda's personality. And some difficult stuff just happened. I think the house shook on its foundation, something which caused all the dust to settle in my room upstairs. And her parents are now dead. She should be staying with us, but the she's kicking up a fuss about it. It's also her birthday. She gets a visitor, some neighbors of her parents, and she decides to leave with them. There are quite a few memorable moments for me, I move a few things around since I'm living the day over, but small things like I buy extra black wrapping paper because I remember not having enough for the presents. And I encourage my mom (adopted mom?) to go outside and bring me back the crowd's favorite perfume. Apparently a vendor is also outside. I separate the new soaps and shampoo and bath oils, Mirandas and mine. I let a sewing machine crash to the groundz it was stuck by the very top corner between the wall and the table. I could have saved it but I'm still in shock, upset she would just leave us. In my head I know what will happen already since either loved it once but I'm still angry at her Intention. A large goth guy and I are having a heartfelt conversation where I tell him I don't think we can come back from this. He encourages me but I make the decision to end the relationship, even knowing she stays. In another room some reporter is interviewing gay guys and they again try to explain they were gay, and roommates, but not gay for each other. And then i cut to being upstairs and remembering after finishing some candy I might oreos left, and checking I did. I was upset the milk was gone or spoiled but it was regular milk and I had vegan milk in the fridge so I used that. It didn't taste the same though. ~ A couple rob a bank and go all out in the planning of it. They hire other guys, a small army really, and the guys are all armed with guns and doing the job. The dream starts in the middle when he realizes his parents are in the bank. They aren't the sort to take the robbery lying down and when the order not to move is giving to people shivering on the floor, his father kisses his mother on the for head and the trigger happy robber shoots them both in the head before the man in charge can stop them. The headline the next day flashes up, Killled For A Kiss , with a picture of their last kiss on the cover. He bangs on the guys foot in anger but he can't grieve, he can't break character. If he did he'd lose control of the men he hired and they would kill more people, and take all the money. He did love his parents more than anything however. His wife does break off from the robbery to speak to his parents ghosts, to apologize.