Bartering Genius

Date: 6/3/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was just ending up the shift from work and we closed early because business was bad, and I mean BAD. Like, we had 1 order the whole day, my mum looked pretty upset over that. So we closed up around 45 minutes early, and I looked next door and where the hair stylist shop was supposed to be, we owned another place! My mum left her keys inside or whatever so I went next door to our supposedly new takeaway store, and saw this really cool spirituality place! It had all sorts of cool stuff I liked, I then saw this label that said "free" and apparently you could take food and things if you wanted and didn't have ang money, the place gave off a very peaceful vibe. So I stacked up on some cool stuff, and some worker comes up to me and tells me it's no longer free, so I put some of the items out and ask if I can have these few items, he still says no. So I go outside and my mums waiting, I ask her for my money and she gives me like $3, I ask her for more and as we talk there's a lady below us who is confused because we weren't speaking English. So she finally ends up giving me a total of $5 and I just take it and go inside the store again. I see some cool art, some spiritual stuff and there's a whole other section to the place that I don't get to discover. There's sections for awakening (the numbers I see) and death (moving into the afterlife) and all sorts of other stuff. Some dude comes up to me and I ask him "do you know who Alex grey is?" And he replies "yes". I asked if he had any of his art or something similar because that looks cool and he replies with a grunt "ehh, no.." like he was ticked off by what I said for some reason. Suddenly I see my parents leaving the store so I have to rush because they're heading home in the car! I see these chips and I buy them and rush to the checkout, my brother is also with me for some reason, he wasn't there before. The girl at the checkout who's around 12-13 says with this "you'll never see it coming" face that the chips are 5 fucking dollars for a small ass bag. I say "nah nah nah nah how about $3.50" and proceed to barter with her for a cheaper price. She says no but my parents are about to leave and I don't wanna give her the whole $5 so I pressure her and say "please cmon I have to go now! $3.50 please.." And she finally accepts it. she scans as fast as she can and messes up the change, she gives me back $3.50 so I basically got the whole bag of chips for $1.50 heh bartering genius you could call me ;) when she got the change it fell into these pile of lollies so she rushed and just gave me a handful of lollies along with my change aswel, man I definitely got more than I bargained for! I rush out of there holding a bag of chips in one hand and the lollies and change in the other, as I exit the store and I look back to her and wave/smile and she shyly smiles back. The whole outdoor changed, the store is now up really high from the ground and I'm following these stairs down, then I remember giving my brother a few lollies as he told mum who was somehow now with me how I was bartering with the innocent girl and laughed, surely that would get me in trouble. I then remember going down this slide which had a sharp turn that went back up, it would never work, so I went down the first part of the slide and my brother and mum went on different ones next to me. Then I Woke Up.