Elemental Apacolypse

Date: 5/3/2019

By Sssmorgann

It was apocalyptic, people trying to take over the hiuse Bailee and me and (?) were living in. There were rules to living, you have to close the windows during the day and you couldn't look outside or the apocalypse monster would get you like birdbox or something. You also had to shave one leg. There was also power we were learning about, like controlling light, water, fire, and later cold. We had to seal our ability to use them so our power wouldn't show or leak out,then if we needed it we had to unseal quickly. There was elemental monsters I guess, everyone ended up being run off but them. The field across the pond and @ randy and Nellie's was on fire and we were waiting for it to get close enough to water out, but we weren't good at water yet. There were HUGE grapefruits that were catching in fire and rolling through the yard and some plants survived the fire because they were cold elemental, and a cold elemental animal too, so we saved those so we could learn about them and their magic.