Shopping Gone Wrong

Date: 2/19/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

I was shopping for groceries at the store I work at with two of my friends (who are in reality staying the night with me at the time) as well as my mom. I introduced one of my friends to a cashier named Linda (who is super nice and likes to give hugs to everyone). After that we went to the produce section, where I ran into an acquaintance from a few of my classes, who was actually working as a security guard there, even though I'm pretty sure the store didn't need any. After talking for a bit, a bunch of other security guards came and started rounding people up to see some kind of "show" that was about to take place in the middle of the store. We were excited for a bit, but then some people started saying it was terrible and maybe even life threatening, so we just noped out of there as fast as we could.