Avengers set at a water park.

Date: 7/4/2017

By AliWiley

I had this dream where I was part of the cast for an avengers movie (I don't know what role I was) anyway my dream centred around the publicity before the movie was released. Part of the cast (Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and I) were at a water park doing some promo for the film. This water park was pretty cool and there were these tunnels of water that were like a slide, but also like a river. You would swim through the tunnels, but occasionally there would be a faster current and you would get catapulted forward. So anyways, in this dream I was the main one for talking about the film, Chris was the main one for history of the film and how it connects to the others, and Sebastian was mainly for photos. So in my dream Sebastian and I were daring, and so we spent the majority of the promo session together. At one point we were doing a live action of one of the scenes in the movie (I guess it's like the scene in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with the river and the orcs where the hobbits were in the barrels) so we're in the middle of doing the live action and we're chasing the villain through the river thing, and all of a sudden we are thrown under water, and are hanging on to each other for dear life because 'this isn't how we practiced this' and we were fighting to surface and then when we did surface everyone was acting like that was normal and clapping, and our manager was oblivious to what just happened and told us 'ok time to go do a photo shoot meet and greet' so we get out of the water and have our hair done (I have extremely long hair like past my butt) so it takes a while to dry it off, and then we change into our costumes for the film. Well the first question in the meet and greet is from someone I know and they asked 'how do you all remember the lines for while you're shooting the action/chase scenes and how do you remember the timing?' So I answered 'Well we are supposed to have all the lines memorised, and the timing down as well..but when that doesn't happen...and I showed him how it looks behind the cameras..which was just huge posters with queues on it and rolls of toilet paper with words for when specific actions were to occur. And then I woke up.