baking and entering

Date: 8/2/2017

By emmacoons

dreamt about me and a couple others breaking into what i remember was riley b*****'s house, just to make brownies. old lady a few houses down (think of that house that you see from our kitchen window, based off that) came over mumbling about art how this isnt it and she called the cops on us. we were in a hurry to clean up and we had like 17 minutes on the clock for the brownies to be done so we put all our shit and soaked it in the sink and dipped out. i was the getaway driver. the next school day i was really sketched out about us getting caught. but i remember getting the idea that we werent, either somebody told us that, or it was just a hunch. i kept seeing ***** and everytime i did i flipped him off until he looked away. i sat with a full table but only remember bellamoon and miles. bella was eating a ice cream sandwich and i was talking shit on it but i lowkey wanted one so when she left i got one, but turns out she got the last one. i remember looking through all the fridges they had in the back but they were like convenience store fridges filled with dr. pibb and tons of junk food. i remember having an exchange with a lunch lady (the one who wears eyeshadow that matches whatever she's wearing) but i dont recall what we said. i went to mr. balls room (it wasnt mr balls room but he was the teach) and we watched some weird cartoon and he said he would be quizzing us but i slept through the whole video anyway.