Nap - Dream

Date: 8/17/2017

By itsliz

I had a strange dream while taking a nap. Apparently my sister was still home with us and my dad was coming. I was on my own and I had gone to exercise at what seemed like a combination of the YMCA and L.A. Fitness since the place looked huge. I had just arrived to exercise and I think I either saw my sister or a friend but I pretended not to see. I must have worked out because before I know it it's time to leave and I go to the vestibule at the front where my dad is sitting there typing on his phone and I see my sister come along. She waves to me and I wave goodbye and go into the vetiuble while she leaves. I sit in front of my dad and watch him and he's staring at his phone with shaking hands. He's very quiet and nervous and asks me, "Do you think your sister saw me?" I feel sorry for my dad and tell him, "She didn't have a sour face on so I'm sure she didn't notice it was you." That seems to calm his shaking hands and we get up to head to his truck. I'm about to skip to his truck when I see my sister further down the parking lot and I ask my dad, "Wait are we coming back?" he said no so I run inside to grab the rest of my stuff and it skips to where I'm in his truck and it dawns on me that we're heading to his house and I turn to him as he turns on the truck. "Daddy it's only Thursday and we were supposed to head to your place on Sunday. Are you saying you're going to drive us back? I came here in the truck, too. Do I drive with you so you don't waste gas bringing us back?" He's quiet as he realizes and tries to think. Then he makes a decision which shocks me and says, "Then I guess I'll stay for four days as a small vacation." I was really flattered he wanted to stick around but then it made me nervous because we were supposed to drop my sister off at the airport in Chicago at some point and I don't think she'd appreciate me spending time with my dad when I should spend time with her before she goes back to Texas. I'm about to say SOMETHING but a friend opens the door to hop in and get a ride home and that's when I wake up.