my teacher shot up the school

Date: 2/15/2017

By maddieb

so I just woke up from a nap and this is what I dreamed about. I was in my humanity class and it was fairly normal. we where watching a film about something but i can't remember what. one of the boys in my class was very chit-chaty and wouldn't stop talking. the teacher flipped out and flipped a table. he got a gun out of his laptop case before shooting the brains out of this kid. I tried to run but this was one of them dreams where your trying to run but your moving super slowly. I felt frustrated. I eventually opened the door but tripped and couldn't get up. I never got shot and he never caught up to me. the the next scene I was in a very big room. can't remember many things about this room other than it was cold and my best friend was there. I don't know how but we found out we where dead and so where alot of other kids. I can't remember anymore. it was odd and I don't think I can look at my teacher the same.