a dream you dont want

Date: 2/22/2017

By irelandj7714

it starts with my girlfriend leaving and me panicking and then the next day I wake up and get ready for school then I am standing out side of the band room talking with my friends and I am so positive that I look up form the ground and I see her. I brush off the thought and then. look up again and she is turning around and I see her face then I walk up to her and I start crying and she has tears spilling out of her eyes and I ask her what's wrong and she says something but I can't hear her in my dream and I collapse on the floor crying then she tries to pick me up and I won't so she has to carry me and she carries me home then she puts me in my bed and then I lay there crying then my phone rings and it's my girlfriend and she is on the phone and I can hear a heart rate monitor in the back as she Is speaking to me and she is telling me how much she loves me and how she wants me to move on with out her and then I hear the flat line go off and the phone drop and nurses rushing in.