Date: 5/23/2017

By PerceptionProtector

I was in the tropical Forrest but I haven't been there long. I need to learn the ways of the jungle if I'm going to survive. Luckily I've met one of the natives ( Tįf) who seems to have taken an interest in me. There is an unseen force here. These people have a connection to the land around them but there is something unnatural that dwells in this jungle. Last night I heard it calling my name. Sounded as if 3 young women spoke all at once. I awoke to Tįf whispering for me to not move. I didn't understand the native tongue so, we were left to interpret body language. It was searching for us. I knew now why Tif had refused to slow down as if there was constant threat of danger. No time to learn, I must adapt to my new habitat. I've always been adaptable but, how do you adapt to the unknown? Why do I never feel safe here? We continue our journey and I have no idea where we're going, plus the path we take seems to purposely have been chosen for how difficult the obstacles are. We've picked up another wanderer, by the looks of it he an Tįf know each other. I am truly lost, hoping that these people don't wish me harm. I wonder...do they here the voices of these women as we travel towards an unknown destination? For me they only seem to get closer...no matter how far I go.