Date: 7/5/2017

By toxxicduck

My family and I lived in a huge swanky modern style mansion, but somehow Dad got amnesia from an accident, and a goblin with gray skin and a bald head tricked him into selling it. I was very very upset by this. I remember waking up in my bedroom in this awesome house. My bedroom was a loft area above the rest of the house and was like my own little nest. The house was built from blonde wood on the floors and painted black on the walls, but had red wall art and fixtures. It looked cool in the dream but I'm not sure about real life. I saw Dad and the slimy goblin talking to each other and looking at papers, knowing Dad didn't remember building the house, but all I did was cry about it instead of speaking up or anything. Dad knew who I was but for some reason since he didn't remember being the one commissioning the house he would rather just sell it for the crazy amounts of money it would get.