Dream about swinging around with Spider-Man and M.J

Date: 7/16/2019

By gasmaskguy

Ok so first of all I woke up swinging on a web with Spider-Man and M.J and it was cool but I don't know how that web held all three of us but it was amazing and Spider-Man's friend was doing stuff on the ground but under a few minutes we went through all the parts from far from home and it was amazing cause I got to see it for free then I watched Spider-Man beat some people up. Then finally after a long day M.J became friends with me and then when I got home my house was now in I think new York City but it was night and I saw Spider-Man with just his suit on swinging then he landed on the back of a bus then waved to me then the dream was over but it was cool. Plus that music was going on.it was amazing 😃