Date: 6/16/2017

By OccultesSomes

Some background: Unfortunately, in the real world, I have a problem with my jaw where it over extends and will dislocate when I'm not careful. This can happen when I yawn, scream, open my mouth too wide to take a bite of a burger, etc. Most times when this happens I have to go to the ER to have it put back in place. My boyfriend, Tyler, will typically take me since I have to be sedated on some occasions. My bond with Tyler is strong. We have gone through many horrendous things together. We have plans of continuing our lives with each other i.e. Getting a house, getting married, starting our own family, etc. Sometimes we fight, but not for a while. The Dream: My jaw has already dislocated and Tyler and I are in a seemingly futuristic hospital. It is strange. We are guided to a room where there are multiple people in hospital beds, set up in a line. I am taken to the one at the end of the line, on the far side of the room. To my right there is a male in his own bed, surrounded by family. His children touch and prod the equipment and no one discourages them from doing so, which was odd. Tyler was still with me. My dream self falls asleep. Upon my dream self waking, I am alone. I am in a small room with a single bed. Tyler is not present. With a determination that I would likely have in the real world as well, I stand up and pad out of the room. I notice that my jaw was back in place. I walk and walk and walk until I come across a large room with a crowd of people. There were large tables in the center of the room, giving it the appearance of a cafeteria. I enter the room, scanning the people. At the far end of this room there is a door. There are a few steps rising up to it and it is ajar. I decide to take a peak inside. When I pass through the door I do not see anything. However, I can hear a ruckus going on in the cafeteria room. I turn to go back and see what is happening. Officials of some sort were yelling and causing chaos. I already hate crowds, so I set a course for the door. I get stopped between two tables by a the female official that seemed to be in charge. She was tall and had dark hair. She grabbed me by the arms and roughly turned me around. My hands were suddenly bound behind my back and I was kicking and screeching as she guided me back to the steps to the far door. I was sat down on the steps. Others were as well. Everyone seemed confused, including myself. The female official spoke loudly, announcing our disobedience and the need for correction. There were two expressions on the crowds face. Some showed shock while others bowed their heads and turned their eyes to the floor. The female official turned to me. She held up some fake teeth. They were rotted and black with cavities. They were uneven and chipped. She announced "Dirty mouths should look dirty, so that all know who to trust." She then opened my mouth and shoved the teeth on top of my bottom row. I scowled and since I couldn't take it out with my hands being tied and trying to maneuver it out of my mouth was difficult without my fingers, I decided to bite down on the object while she turned away, I assume grabbing another set for my upper row of teeth. There was a sickening crackle as I bit down. A shattering sound. The material was glass. I inhaled sharply as pain stung at my gums and mouth. Shards of glass traveled down my throat upon inhale. I wheezed for a moment before trying to concentrate to spit the now bloody, jagged pieces of glass out of my mouth and onto the steps of the door. I drooled bloody saliva. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized that more blood was coming from my throats and mouth. I coughed heavily, trying to get the foreign material out. It was only getting harder to breath. I wheezed and cried before speaking for the first time in this dream. "I want to see Tyler!" Now everyone was shocked, even the official. She stammered, not knowing what to say, so I repeated myself in a panicked tone, "I want Tyler!" A swirl of magical golden smoke, as if the sun was shining behind the clouds, appeared. Everyone backed away from that area. Tyler stepped through the smoke. I wheezed and spat up more blood. Tyler looked around... angry. "Why am I here?" He questioned in a harsh, clipped tone. He looked so sickly. Thin, his cheek bones protruding and his arm looking like skeletons with skin. One of his arms was missing, removed from just under the shoulder. My confusion was forever growing. I went to question it, saying "what-" but then being cut off for another need to wheeze. He turned to me, staring. His features were unsympathetic and cruel. He stepped a bit closer and just stared down to me. "Shannon." He stated bluntly. "It's been a while." A while? He was right beside me just several hours prior with the first room we entered. He noticed my confusion and shook his head before explaining. "It's been over a year." I spat more tiny shards of glass onto the steps. "I've moved on." He said it quietly but in such a cruel and wicked way that was unimaginable. He began to fade away, along with everyone else. The officials, the crowd, the door. Then I woke up.