Catholic Apocalypse

Date: 7/15/2019

By Maddii

I was in the bathroom with my friends at a restaurant. The music began to morph into the Revelation warning sound, growing louder and clearer. Once I realized what it was I told my friends we had to leave and we ran out quickly. Others began to follow. Overhead lights started flashing and the emergency signals were blaring. We ran for a long time. I kept going in one direction, like I knew where I was supposed to go but not what was there. There were people screaming and dying everywhere. I eventually got separated and was alone. I saw fire and weird creatures all around me. I kept running until I hid with this little hispanic girl and her younger brother. I kept reassuring her we would make it and be okay. Everyone around us was dying. Eventually we decided to keep going again. We ran for a long time, avoiding obstacles. Eventually we saw incredibly large ancient Roman pillars towering in the sky and lush plants. It looked like a paradise, except some of it had been taken over already. I heard that most of the world had died, and the only people who survived and made it to this oasis were firm believers of Catholicism. I couldn’t understand why I was there. I remembered Matthew and started crying because I didn’t know where he was or what had happened to him.