Four Ragabonds

Date: 3/5/2019

By tobeyarchibald

I was part of a group of homeless people who moved from place to place in New York City. We heard it was going to rain soon very heavily so we went into an abandoned apartment building. We moved from room to room in there and finally found one that was clean and warm. Unfortunately, we heard noises of people down stairs who knew we were up here that were going to come up and harm us so we went and hid in the closet and grabbed some weapons (hammers, crowbars, etc.) and waited for them to come up. I knew that bad things would happen if we fought them so I look for another escape. One of the homeless friends told me “Jump our the window! Trust me!” And so I did and he grabbed my ankles and the other guy grabbed his ankles and then we all dropped tot he floor and escaped, and continued to roam the streets.