Shopping for cookies with classmates

Date: 4/9/2017

By TwentieToo

Only remember this dream in pieces. I was with a bunch of friends , they were all guys and I was the only girl, and we were living in this pretty house, and one of them was addicted to weed or something, and he never showed up for anything and always went missing for days at a time. We had this mentor guy. Lol, he was this stupid character from a game I'm playing, a butler from a mansion. He's a skinny guy who's balding and says low key hilarious stuff all the time to himself. At one point we went shopping for snacks for a movie we were going to see with our whole school. It was a store I've dreamed about a couple other times. There was this asshole lady who told us that we couldn't get cookies, even though thats what everyone wanted. The only choices were Doritos and like really gross cookies like oatmeal and raisin. I was trying to look for something but I was getting panicky and frustrated cuz I couldn't find the cookies that I wanted and wasn't in the mood for chips. I was looking at the Doritos when this guy I used to know from Junior High named Jacob got some cheesy ruffles and some dip. He stood really close to me and pretended he wasn't invading my personal space. He kinda did stuff like that when I knew him, he was a total douche bag but in subtle ways no one else noticed. After that I remember trying to find my friends, who were all girls this time, so we could all pay for our stuff. I remember going through some expensive clothing. I remember feeling upset because they had all left me behind and I could hear them laughing and having fun. And I had this strong feeling like I was going to have a panic attack the whole dream and was just getting upset over the tiniest things. Then I remember having an emergency at the checkout place and I ran out to the parking lot, but I don't remember what the emergency was. The next part was all of us going to the movie, except it was this giant cave place with really big escalators going up to the different movies and there must have been like hundreds of people there. It had a vibe from that one scene from Lion King where all those hyenas and scar face dude sing. Me and my friends were in the super long line to see The Edge of Seventeen. I had another emergency, don't remember what, and had to exit the cave theater and when I came back I found my seat next to my friends and started talking to them about the emergency I had. And there was this other part where I was in a red SUV with my friends and one their dads. He drove us to the dentist where he worked. He was super happy and cheery. I don't know where this part took place at in the dream, just a random part I remember.