“Are There Any Predators in There”

Date: 8/31/2018

By caitlynm14117

*The scenes change so much in this dream so if you see a bunch of blank spaces that means the scene changed.* I was at my house with Ava and there were huge spiders everywhere. Like one was on my old playset and it had caught a turtle and a spider in its web. I was like 20 and I was about to give birth (although I wasn’t fat) and at the same time my older sister (who I’m 99% sure was Margot from “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”) was giving birth in the same room. I distinctly remember for some reason that she was having a boy and I was having a girl. I remember I had a lot of sisters, and they were all there, as well as our single dad who raised us. I was at this weird exhibit place with an odd mix of people: Peter Berkeji, Hayden, Lauren, Stella from Kathryn’s party, and I think one or two more girls. Stella’s grandmother was also there (though I’ve never seen her before in my life). This museum, or whatever we were in, was drive through, and you could stop in whatever exhibit you wanted. I remember we stopped in this toy exhibit where they had toys from every year. Then we drove through this part that looked like an abandoned town, and afterwards we came to a gas station to take a rest stop. Coach G was there, and as we were getting out of the car, he looked inside and asked “Are there any predators in there?” He meant are there any guys in there but wtf. I also remember this part and idk if it came during the exhibits or if it happened between the giving birth and exhibit sections. But I remember seeing poster advertising movies starring Eric Pfiefer, but they only called him “Eric”. And he was doing these really dramatic roles, like I remember on one cover he was walking though bombed buildings, but he was always in his school uniform.