Walmart civilization

Date: 8/3/2017

By nuteliya

I dreamt I was part of an intelligent crew doing intergalactic travel. However, we crashed on a deserted planet whose entire civilization was built on a Walmart. My entire crew was being held hostage but I had been able to get away, stay under the radar, and, as months passed, I made some friends. I became a legend and everyone spoke of me, giving my people (who were prisoners) hope. I wore cool outfits and wigs and the locals had a badass nickname for me which I cannot ducking remember. Long story short, I made it to finally meet their leader.... who ended up being my first love. He had scars on his face and an eyepatch. He had a permanent harsh look on his face, he was not the man I once loved. Sadly, this is how my dream ended. I just remember in that moment I realized that people and things change, and I had to put aside my fond memories and fight him to the death.