Panicking Over a Life-Changing Math Test

Date: 3/28/2017

By ThatHayleyBeing

In my dream I was sitting in my usual math class with everyone separated from each other and we were sitting a very life-changing assessment. It was going well until I couldn't read any of which was on the page and I got confused. I remember it being a bunch of gibberish and a bit blurry, I suddenly had thoughts flooding into my head such as "Oh my God I'm going to fail." "I'm going to have no future and live a terrible life." because i couldn't read it so I couldn't write anything down. I remember that I started to have extreme heart pains, became very breathless and my head was pounding. It was almost as of I was dying. I was sweating really bad and I couldn't help but bawl my eyes out in my eyes out. It also felt like everyone was staring right at me like I was a psychopath which made me even more worried. I don't remember anything else after that moment.