Airbeds and anger

Date: 1/26/2019

By annothray

Mom came to vivsit me She brought her big air bed. She said it cost 120 dollars. She was so excited about it. We got in an argument about something that made me cry real badl. In m anger, I grabbed some scissors and stabbed the mattress, making the air come out from a large hole. Mom didn’t notice as she was talking to me, trying I to reason with me. I felt good about the damage to the mattress forgetting it was hers. U then, as the mattress deflated, I felt intense horror and remorse for what I did. I wanted to buy a new one right away.I told her I was horrible and she should leave. She didn’t want to go and wanted to work through my feelings,, though upset about her bed also. But I insisted she go home, a long way from where I lived. Moral of the dream: treasure your time with Mom while shee’s still around and watch your feelings before you act.