Game of Thrones Related

Date: 7/20/2017

By willowgroves

it started with a young girl who was the mother of children ( like Catlyn Stark) and I was the on looker and followed the youngest child. basically she was able to herd sheep really well and she was moving them onto a different part of this huge dark castle. and then suddenly it stopped working and they trampled her to death. - because they were scared? and then the youngest child was riding on a house up through the castle up to their father. and the rest of the kingdom including the kings other children bowed their heads in subservience and protected it with their arms ( like the brace position on a plane). but this child was the favourite and didn't need to do this. then there was a flashback to the young Catlyn Stark character and she had watched the kingdom go up to see their king and basically all be executed and thousands upon thousands of heads roll down the steps. then basically the youngest child got to this king and he was running. the Catlyn Stark character was like a zombie and he picked the child up and ran with them away into like the forests. it turned out that the king was some sort of vampire and I followed a random person from the town as she talked about it with her friends and said how the king drunk blood like it was wine. then I was walking around with the person that I have a crush on and he had his arm wrapped around me and we were trying to keep alive.