Clothing Store

Date: 1/29/2019

By Swords

I am in a small, women's boutique clothing store. I have been here before in dreams. The colourful dresses and shirts are hung on hooks against the plastic wooden walls. I want to buy something as a souvineer, but they are too small. I pick up a postcard sized gift certificate. The shop lady is in the backroom. I leave before she comes out. She doesn't see me and I have stolen a Gift Certificate. I walk quickly away from the store. I cannot use the certificate because it wasn't registered, so it's not really stealing. I own the store. There is a closet in the backroom with piles of store equipment and two dead bodies, a mom and dad, their arms bent up like manaquins and visible amongst the clutter. I shut the door and walk back into the store where my partner is counting the till. I don't tell him. Someone will eventually find them and the police will be called. I wonder how much time I have. I leave the store and cross the street to play with the small dog of my neighbour's.