RHCP on a raft

Date: 8/13/2017

By Marvin10

The first thing I recall is cars speeding along the Las Vegas strip. I am viewing this from a birds eye view. They reach a point where the strip ends and it's just water. One car hits something like a barrier and the bottom of the car stays there while the rest of the car goes into the water. Don't know what happened to the other car. I can hear a guy inside the car in the water screaming. The dream is still the same but now it has changed and that guy and another are 2 members of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. One is Flea not sure who the other one is. They are floating on the water and I must be lucid but not aware of it because I kind of know that they are going to find a raft and a 3rd band member. Sure enough they do, and they climb onto the raft with some difficulty. I wake up at about this point, but I feel like I know what happens after this, so I'm not sure if I have had this dream before or if I was partly lucid and I created this in advance and then it plays out. I would be interested if anyone has any comments about this. The entire dream was third person.