Magic Genie and the wind storm

Date: 5/19/2019

By Tink1102

I had a dream that all of a sudden we were in the house and a really bad wind rain storm happend. I told someone to get the kids bikes and stuff in the house.. suddenly I looked out the window and my son's car that was sitting in the grass with large leafs on it to waigh it down got rained on and the wind blew the car twords someones house.. I remember telling someone that they should go get his car and bring it in the house.. I looked out the window again and the car had blew straight between someone elese house . I remembered thinking it could of scratched that person car . I told someone to go get it... Were are outside now in a car. I looked up and there was a Genie flying!! I told the person that was with me hay did you see that Genie. I was pointing at him and everyone looked and started making wishes to fly.. The Genie pointed at each person and all of a sudden there was a flash of light that came from the geni hand and he granted there wish... They started to fly. Then I made a wish that I wanted magic powers and after that wish I remember hesitant that I might had made the wrong decision and ducking down like no... But he granted my wish and my baby woke me up 😔