Roof fire

Date: 5/7/2019

By JamieBeckham

I had a dream that I had to go to church and meet with people. They kept offering to help me with my dad’s grief. Then I came home and the roof of my house was on fire. There were men working on it trying to get it fixed, but told me that I needed to get everybody out of the house. I tried to get everybody out of the house but apparently we were having a party and there were a lot of people in there that wouldn’t move. I went somewhere to get help and found out that my neighbor who is very close to me was missing along with my mother who died in March. No one could seem to find them and everybody was very very worried. I went back to the house and the roof was not on fire anymore and there were boards all along the roof covering the burned spots and all up and down the streets. We had to walk on the boards in order to get to the house. I remember I was with someone but I don’t know who. Maybe several people.