Framed for murder then framed for cheating 🤔

Date: 3/27/2017

By z_planet

I was a tourist going on a walk with a group of people who were my family in this dream. Part of it was through these old train tunnels that weren't used anymore. We bumped into this group of men and they seemed suspicious so we tried to distance ourselves. But then one of them started hitting a dog with a crowbar, it was horrifying. I tried to call the police but he said "if you call the police it'll get a lot worse" we tried to run but they kept catching up. One of them said that we can't go to the police because they had complied evidence to frame us for the murder of a man that they'd killed. I was trying to think of ways to escape. Then the dream changed and I was in this little utopian-like town. There were shops and stalls all around and a big fountain in the centre and everyone seemed so happy. I spotted Kody jogging with a really hot Latino girl. This was his girlfriend in the dream. He saw me and told her he'd catch up with her later. He gestured for me to follow him. He led me down an alley and then turned to me and held my face in his palms. He told me I was beautiful and that he shouldn't have let me get away. He tried to kiss me but I said no I have a boyfriend. Then his girlfriend came around the corner and saw us and ran off, thinking that we'd just kissed. I followed her and tried to explain that nothing happened but she ignored me. I was worried she was going to tell Kyle and he wouldn't believe my side of the story. Kody told me "don't worry she'll get over it she's just really possessive". Then I was still in the same town but down a steep narrow street in a small tavern. I suddenly realised I must be dreaming. I told a girl sitting next to me "I'm dreaming" she said "I'm blue"?? Then I went outside excited to explore the world I'd created in my head, amazed at how much detail there was. Then I woke up