hurricane harvey #2?

Date: 7/10/2019

By aliayae1

So a huggeeee hurricane hit houston and eventually wiped out all humans in its path except maybe two handfuls of people. i really don’t know if the whole earth was effected, the u.s only or a large portion of the united states. anyways next thing you know i’m in space looking for other planets or someone to help me. So you know how truckers have radios to communicate with other truckers i had that type of app on an ipod. I was switching through channels/stations trying to find someone and i did. they offered to come help me. they told me to play a song so they can follow the sound and come for my rescue. now i know there’s no sound in space but in my dream it was lol. some type of nasa type space craft with people in it come and get me. it is a lot of people doing research and working. as i arrive we switch to trying to find out why this huge hurricane hit earth the way that it did. we’re trying to find a way to prevent it from happening by going back in time and changing its cause. then i woke up, idk if we went back in time and fixed it. maybe we did, maybe we didn’t i don’t remember.