Date: 4/21/2019

By richellebucks

I had a dream that I went to visit Australia with my grandparents, my sister my mom and my aunt. Since we spoke Spanish people looked at us weird because I guess people don’t speak Spanish in Australia ? We were there to visit some Cathedral and some island. People also looked at me weird when I spoke in English since I have an American accent. One thing I remember from the dream is that my whole family walked weird in Australia, because since Australia was down south of the globe or something, the gravity pressure was higher and it was harder to walk. Our legs felt really heavy and we had to walk really weird. I also remember seeing a bunch of Australians sitting on this arena type thing, but it looked like the arena was still in construction. Then we went to the biggest roller coaster in Australia and at first it started out boring but then it got really scary. My sister started crying a lot. Then we went to visit the Cathedral and I remember me and my grandpa couldn’t even walk correctly. I also realized that in Australia, once the streetlight for pedestrians has the red hand, the green light for cars immediately starts. In the US, cars still have to wait like 10 seconds before the green light actually turns on, and as a consequence of that, I almost got hit by a car. Then we continued walking and went into the Cathedral. My sister had to use the bathroom but the women’s bathroom was like blocked with wood, so we had to use the family bathroom. My mom didn’t want to use it because she said people that use family bathrooms smell bad. Then some really tall woman came out, and as we walked in the was some random panther walking on it’s two legs. On the door of the family bathroom inside it said, Warning : do not pet/touch kangaroos and/or panthers. That’s when I woke up.