Psycho mom

Date: 5/29/2017

By phan._.howlter

I dreamed that me and my family (it's only my mom, Dad, and me). But this house appears to be in a minecraft form, so I can break everything with my hands and everything was square. But the people stayed the same. We invited my dads side of the family over and had Christmas dinner. Then I went up to my room with my mom and we started to "play" a fun game that we called 'milk and cookies'. She explained that we pick one small item from my room, dunk it in lighter fluid (the milk) and then we burned it and she said to me that the burnt chunks and ashes were the cookies. So I picked a small plushie and we did what she said. But the fire didn't go away and it started a huge house fire. We ran out of the house. When we got to our jet (it's all we had) I tened to the other "house" that was by it and I opened the chest that was there and got a poppy flower from it and ran back to the jet. That's when I wake up and my dream ended. My mom was kind of a psychopath in this dream. Lol