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Date: 11/26/2016

By stefdrms

I was at school, walking through the benches hiding, a game is going on in the background. I ran into a locker room thinking I saw who I was hiding from. When I got into the locker room I remember there being silence. I was by sinks and if you walked more it was a huge space with showers as I walked in I heard water noise and saw steam starting to build up slowly as I walk more in their I realize the shower space is huge with dividers inbetween every shower head. It was like a maze. You could get lost the walls where white and the shower floors and dividers where grey and there was small windows up top. I remeber an eerie feeling. I panic as I can't see any further then a few feet because of the steam. I start running feeling lost. Slowly I start realizing I am dreaming and then I see a very pale woman, wearing s long black gown, just walking slowly Alonso looks like she's gliding. She is coming toward me. I am dreaming I am dreaming wake up! And I wake up lol