Chimpanzee from Next Door Killed a Woman

Date: 9/26/2022

By HeyItsShelbyyy

There was a man who lived next door who owned a bunch of wild animals. They were all in a building in his backyard in which there were small cages/enclosures. I had just recently been in there because Mya’s family had bought the house next door and were moving in, so she took me in to see the animals. It was soo sad seeing multiple big chimpanzees stuck in tiny rooms, one of them even signing for help with sign language. Suddenly I learnt that one of the female chimpanzees had just escaped and killed a woman. This was incredibly sad news and everyone in the town became very angry at the fact that this was able to happen, and how immoral and wrong it was to keep chimpanzees in cages in one’s backyard anyway. Everyone was even more angry once learning that this same chimpanzee had already killed someone a few years earlier, and yet nothing had changed to her lifestyle and here she was, able to kill someone else. Though Mya’s family had just bought the house, this anger was all targeted towards the man who originally owned the house, as I think he was still taking care of the animals. I don’t know if Mya’s family actually planned on getting rid of the enclosure though..