Date: 4/13/2017

By guido38

My dream started out with me driving on the highway in a metropolis . I say metropolis because it looked like the future no flying cars but how the buildings looked more compact and how the signs were was something out of a movie . And I just remember going to a grocery store of some kind either a Kroger or a target and leaving ...... Then I was just at the house about to eat out this girl that's a coworker . I was kissing her thighs . Then I heard something and went to see what it was . It was a dope fiend trying to find something to steal . He had a sore or a burn the size of a quarter on the side of his face . I just yelled at him like What the fuck are you doing ? What the hell did you get ? And I looked he didn't have a bag or anything so I must of caught him in the beginning of the act . So I pushed him outside and then I guess the new neighbors pulled up across the street . A couple cars deep the only one I remember was a baige cream color hatchback or smart car. The only reason I remembered the car was because the lady hopped out and walked across the street to introduce herself . Her name was Jobe . She was giving me her number just being friendly it was no area code with like a 603-32.. And I guess she was selling something because she was talking about printing something out and me signing it and she had a box in her hand . Then she walked away and my mom and sister mocked her as they swept the porch .