The DS Game

Date: 3/13/2017


I'm at my house having dinner with my best friend Max and his brother Caleb. Caleb and I exchange ds games. Mine is the hobbit game because we had a bet that it didn't exists and I don't know what his was called. We don't exchange the games back. I'm boss of grocery store and medusa and some guy from my school are trying to steal Caleb's game. I'm having to take care of my brother Freddie while taking care of the store and keeping the game in my possession. I have to run away from them and throw the game away away keep it in my pants at one point. We run through a forest, a desert and swim to keep it away from them so I can return it to Caleb. I finally give up and give it to them so they can get married ( I now find out that's why they want the game.) I tell Caleb and he isn't mad and I want to replace the game, but he says no. I tell my girlfriend about the bullcrap that happened at the wedding. Then, I see another one of my girlfriend and I wake up.