First day back at school

Date: 8/18/2019

By amandab8211

I went to one of my classes and in the classroom there were 3 desks in the middle of the room and every other desk was pushed against the back wall. Every back desk was taken so I had to take one of the middle desks and didn’t like how much it made me stand out. The teacher for some reason had one of the other middle desks, so me and the guy at the other one has to be right next to her for the whole class. There was a bunch of writing on the board that for some reason was done by the guy next to me. I don’t know what class it was but for some reason the writing included descriptions of things like the McElroy brothers. For the McElroys it said: “McElroy Brothers ______ Three nice guys who all seem like they must have great therapists Griffin, the chaotic one, regularly tortures his family with a D&D podcast” for some reason I thought this was the funniest thing in the world