Far Cry Simulation?

Date: 7/11/2017

By thedefinitionoftrash

I was up north in the woods of my state (Arizona) and I was on a road with three other people. I was carrying a sniper rifle and one guy (Ryan) told me to post up on a rock face where I could duck and get cover. When I looked over the rock face there was a camp across a shallow lake about a mile away. It had stacks of logs and buildings and I don't know what the purpose of it was. But I knew I was supposed to take out the people in the camp using my rifle. I decided to try and take out the other sniper, who was by the logs. I missed and he was alerted. Then the whole camp was ready to fight and the sniper ran over to me through the water and I took him down using a knife when he came over to me. Then I thought Ryan was another enemy and killed him too. I panicked and told another member of my team (Adrian) and he looked at me all serious and I promised not to shoot him but I knew the last member (Wyatt) would be furious so I had to kill him, too. Adrian said ok and I shot Wyatt while he wasn't looking. No one else from the camp ran over and I woke up. It was exactly like how it would've looked in a Far Cry game camp liberation. Only all of the people in the camp and all of the people on my team were people I knew in real life. All people I've been friends with. The sniper for the camp was a guy named Luke I had 2nd period with last year. Ryan is a dude I see every weekend at my moms friends house. Wyatt used to be a good friend in elementary school, and I knew Adrian in middle school. It was so weird.