mall chase

Date: 8/20/2019

By JernsDreams

this dream took place at a mall but through the mall was essentially a dirt race track. i’m pretty sure i stole something from h&m cause mall security was after me in go carts but they were really fast. then all of a sudden i was sitting in one of the race cars and when we got to h&m they launched me really high out of the car into h&m. they did the same to my brother except h&m had disappeared so they let him go. my friend SP was there and i got in trouble for this small object that looked like a fruit snack (i don’t remember the significance). as i was leaving i had something in my hand that was given to me by some guy that was sus but it kept morphing into different things including a sports award. i never found out the significance. so we went home. my brother was in the front seat when i got to the car and i was pissed cause i wanted to ride shot gun so i had my mom make him get out of the front seat. when we got home my brother came to my room (my mom was there) and handed me a disposable juul type thing. he put a pen cap on it so it looked just like a pen (my mom was around). but then he ripped it in front of my mom anyway. that’s where it ended cause i woke up.