{3 Dreams} Brother's Room [Lucid] (Wed Aug,16 2017)

Date: 8/16/2017

By Sorrnin

1: 18+ Lucid, I am in my house and I realize I am dreaming and I go to my brother's room and have sex with him 2: 18+ I am outside and I am looking for a guy to have sex with and this bird came down and is trying to have sex with me but I keep shooing it away. I tell the bird I want a human guy not a male bird. Then I see this nerdy guy and I pull him into a place and we have sex. Then the bird shows up and we leave to go somewhere else to have sex but the bird just keeps following us. 3: 18+ I am in this castle and I see my ex Mason and I go over to him and say hi. Then Mason has sex with me. Then I am Mason running away from the guards and stuff because when Mason had sex with me, I am a princess and its against the law to have sex with the princess before you marry her. But I liked him having sex with me and wanted him to do it.