Italian Jealousy and fish threats

Date: 2/3/2017

By melissakitty

I moved to France to work for GRT, and picked up a few admirers. It was like moving to a new school, where everyone fancies the new girl ! So I went along and flirted back with a few people, but with no interest in any of them. There were these brothers who were into me - 3 of them. One was sweet (like Damian from GRT France irl), the other two more forward and competitive (and a lot like Alfredo irl). They were Italian and very passionate. I was given a small gift by the two older brothers, and I didn't have much money so I bought a gift back for the second brother, who I preferred. It was some wooden toy car, he pretended to love it but left it on my desk by accident because he didn't really care much for it. The older, more possessive brother stopped by and saw the toy car and thought it was a gift for him, so he pretended to love it too but actually took it away before I could stop him. I was worried because if his brother saw the car he would try and take it back because I actually gave it to him, and both would find out that I was leading them on so I decided it had gone too far. My best friend Brett was by my side and told him that I didn't really want it to go any further. To our surprise he lost his shit! And was so angry at me... and started being real nasty! So I was just like oh fuck off I don't really care, you're nasty and ugly anyway... Later I received a very expensive looking gift in an Elle box... I thought it was the angry guy apologising, so I started unwrapping it and we found a massive raw Salmon inside! The fish had bloody eyes, so we thought he had sent me a mafia-like threat! I was asking my mum who sent it to my house ?!? And she described a guy who didn't fit the description of this Italian guy... Instead we realised it was my friend Pete! So I asked him why he had sent the Salmon, and he told me that it was because he missed me and the Salmon was actually just for a really nice dinner haha.