Caleb the military man

Date: 8/1/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm not sure if I was a specific person in this dream, I kind of just floated between different points of view. Starts out with me having joined a boot camp training sort of thing. Diego is one of our training instructors, and his supervisor has told him to get romantically involved with Caleb who is also in the program with me. Diego is not thrilled, considering he's definitely not gay, and Caleb is just too nervous to say anything. We all have to go through a lot of tests and whatnot, and one by one people fail and have to leave. At the end of whatever number of weeks, all the military superiors are all there to tell us who has passed and who hasn't. There are only three of us who they say are worthy of continuing and everyone else gets sent home. Except for one girl, who is practically passed out on the floor from exhaustion. They tell her that she was very very close, but that she wasn't in the top three. They tell her they'll let her retake the training a second time to see if she can pass. She has like absolutely no energy left and is completely drenched in sweat, but she is determined to continue so she says yes. Meanwhile, Diego gets promoted, and Caleb takes over the job Diego had had. Now Diego tells Caleb that his job is to get romantically involved with this girl as she goes back through the training. (I guess it was like an added test or something? To see if the person could get through everything even with distractions? Idk) Then I'm in the POV of the girl, and I'm in a car with Caleb driving. We're up on this mountain road, looked like Glacier. We are about to go around this corner, but as we do, Caleb somehow opened the door and swung us both out of the car and we landed on the side of the road. There's a waterfall coming down the side of the cliff, so he pulls us into it, behind the wall of water. We made out for a while in there and it was pretty great👍🏻