blind zombies

Date: 4/4/2019

By ardipithecus

so it started off as a night drinking with my friends at a hotel. we were drinking wine and having a good night. i was texting my friend chase and he ended the night with him being mad at me and it made me sad. we all fell asleep and the next day we were in the parking lot getting ready to leave and we were all in our own cars. for some reason chase was there as well and he was telling me i looked stoned even though i havent smoked weed in almost 3 months. i told him im still a little drunk from the night before. he was trying to cheer me up as well because he could tell i was still bothered from the night before. suddenly people in the parking lot started yelling and being obnoxious and then cars started crashing into each other so i told my friends we need to go and i told chase to meet me at my house. he said okay and we all left in our own cars. i saw my coworker there and didnt want her to be left there so i told her to hop in and she ended up popping my tire cuz she hopped in a little too hard. we then had to run back to my house. but we ended up at our school and thats where i realized it was a zombie apocalypse. the zombies were all just roaming around the outside of the school. they were attracted to noise but were blind and couldn’t see you otherwise. i had a chain on and every time i moved it would rattle and they would come near me. so i had to take that off and then i threw it at the concrete to get them away from me. i then did it again with my keys. then other people saw us struggling in that sea of zombies and came to our rescue. we managed to get out of there and as we were leaving i saw chase inside this building alive. i saw him and he saw me and we ran into each other arms. i was so happy to see that he was okay and well. the dream fast forwarded to the future, we then went and tried to find a safe place we could stay for a while. we ended up in this abandoned house or something and we were just trying to figure out how to hide there and make it so it was sound proof. then all of a sudden one of our young survivors saw a zombie inside and shot it with her gun make a loud noise. i got mad at her because i told her we only use guns in emergency and that we need to be as quite as possible otherwise more will find us. she was being stubborn and didnt want to hear it so i took her gun away until we could figure out what to do. then i woke up.