The castle

Date: 6/12/2017

By mchairs2020

A girl at my school kept trying to take me to this hidden secret castle behind my school at lunch time. When you entered the castle you couldn't leave unless you wrote something on a paper that corasponded with the month and answered a certain amount of questions. After the the monster thing that owned the castle would let you leave freely. Before I went I was a virgin and people at the school were making fun at that. So when I got there I asked the mister thing if it wanted to have like sex with me. So we did and it was writes cause it's penis was like three feet long and skinny like a worm. Gross. After that I became the queen of the castle and decided to live there A few years passed and the monster thing moved on from me (his first love) to a different girl. She was like really pretty. A whole entire like civilization started to form in the city yard so there was like a small city of people living in the castle. The monsters new wife was like part snake and bit the monster thing on the lip turning him into part snake. He turned mean and wouldn't let people go freely. Therefore I knew I had to escape. My family and I, and another family tried to escape. We wrote the paper and answered the questions. My dad and my brother rode in one golf car and my mom and I rode in another. We took off and started to escape knowing that guards were going to come after us. The other family came up behind us in a motorcycle and passed us. (So they got to safety). We ended up getting to my grandparents house and we're safe!