Dragon girl fight & psycho guy.

Date: 4/16/2017

By richilye

I was in a castle. I made my way to the upper garden, it was night, it was full moon. When a dragon girl appeared, she had green scales and was holding a sword. We fought (although I don't remember how was it going), but seems like I was winning, when she openned a portal to a strange dimension, in which it was all blue with waves of fire and other bullets flying, she started attacking me with more bullets. it got a little hard to dodge , I felt like she was a god for a moment. I woke up. Fell asleep again... I was in what seemed to be a rural area, I went up some stairs which led to a house, a pretty shit one, broken and stuff. To my right there was another set of stairs and a ramp that led to the streets, the house had tons of trees around the terrain, preventing people from entering, some parts had a normal wall. To my left was a concrete ramp that led to somewhere. the house was small, about 3 or 4 rooms. on the outside beside it was a lone tree and a tree stump with an axe on it. I went to the left when I was knocked out from behind. I woke up and was tied to the tree. I somehow untied myself, then when I looked around, there was a guy tying people to kill them. Apparently he was the owner of the place, he saw me and tried to catch me, I picked up a rake made out of bamboo , the top was broken and looked a bit like a spear. I used it to threat him, then he run off to the stairs that led to the streets, then I saw my dad tied to something, he said for me to use the top to pierce the guy. I started chasing the guy, he was puaing a cart with someone tied inside it, he saw me coming and started to go down the stairs. He tried to surprise me downstairs , but I managed to coner him, I put the tip on his neck, he held it and managed to break a bit, but it didn't matter, since I could still pierce him. He then started acreaming for help, then I decided to scream harder, and when people arrived I told them that he tied people upstairs, while screaming and trying to make hia voice down. Some people went upstairs and the others grabbed him, so I could take the rake out. They said they would call the cops, but it wouldn't matter because he was 15 or 17 years old and wouldn't be arrested. Those people them decided to take a self with him, there were 8 people, he stood in the back on the middle of 2, and showed a big grim to the camera. He got home imprisoned. I went back upstairs and when I got there, it was a huge modern office, my dad was still tied, but now to a desk. I didn't bother. There was a big sofa in the middle. The psycho guy was behind the desk. I jumped the couch and thought how would I sleep without him killing me, I then thought about sleeping with ______ , and thought it would be secure, but then I thought I would also put ______ in danger. (Unfortunately I can't remember who was it that I was thinking.) I woke up. After I slept again I had a set of dreams, but can't remember then, there was also a frog girl in one of the dreams...