Interesting War and Fair

Date: 7/20/2017

By Maja

To begin this odd dream, there were two sides- one of them was higher than the other and there was like a glass border that divided them. The ceilings were also very high. I was on the higher one with Ellie, but that's the only person I remember specifically because there were about 25 others. We were trying to cover up these holes in the walls (which kinda looked and felt like cardboard) that were leading to the outside because it was about to rain and we didn't want the rain coming inside. We were trying to cover them up with like gold wrap or something like that, but it was really working this we had to keep doing it. Suddenly, probably to try to stop us from putting the wrap on the walls, a bunch of people from the lower building rushed in and tried to fight us. It was really weird, because randomly Ellie and I could fly, and we looked like 50 feet down through the glass into the other building and they were super peaceful. So, we tried to go outside. I'm not entirely sure what happened to Ellie at this moment, but I made it outside and was still flying. I don't know what my intent of going outside was. I was flying as fast as I could through the grass 'streets' which were lined with tents with normal things you'd find at a fair. I remember knocking into many tents, one being a keychain one. I also remember passing a place where people would sit on blankets and have their picture taken. I was flying so that the large building that I came from was on the right, and most of the white tents were on the right. Behind the tents there was a lake, and it kind of looked like Lake Michigan at the summerfest grounds, because there was a little bank of more grass about 100 feet across but then it extended all the way to whatever was out there in my dream. Aaaannnnddd- I woke up :(