Super powers.

Date: 5/6/2017

By kake00

VERY LONG It started with me in a big plaza with a lot of people. The energy in the air was very odd for me it was more heated and like happy. As I walked around the sky got dark. I was talking to my friends when a tornado started to form behind them kinda far away in the clouds. We ran straight to the nearest building with a ton of other people. The tornado passed right around us. As I got up I walked outside, and these scary looking dudes had a giant black hand about 9ft big floating like smoke and it was grabbing the electricity box. As it got power it released Long black wisps that grabbed people and turned them into the scary guys who I assumed had powers because when I stood up I put my hands out and fire shot from them like a storm they looked at me and ran at me. I used super speed to run away. I got friends and somehow I knew I was able to give out powers I grabbed my friend and gave him super speed and healing ability. Another got dispel, and flying then we ran into a magical town with other people who had powers. With tornadoes everywhere. One kid grabbed a tornado and turned it into his power then fasted it towards a group of people on accident. I was on top of him in a flash and people were yelling at me not to kill him. I didn't I made him leave the town thought. Then I went to the injured people and saw my mom. I put my hands on her and started to heal her the bones moved back to normal and the cuts closed. Then I woke up. It was a very cool dream and long too.