Date: 6/19/2017

By sree99

Fear comes in many forms-living or non-living , loud or silent ... it creeps from the bottom of your heart and slowly inches it's way up , engulfing your heart. Your mind displays scenarios that quickens the pace of it , urging and encouraging it to consume it faster, you quicker. Is it stoppable ? Deep breaths , meditation Nor hypnotism can save you from it. It always finds it's way back into your mind , your soul , your being . To simply put it, it's a part of you. You are it's master . You created it . You earned it . Intentional or not , you have to bear the responsibility for it . Does it make you weak? Maybe. Does it make you weep? Definitely . If you consider your soulmate to only one who is inseparable from you , your reflection ... think again. Fear is simply the darker side of you. It learns how to overpower you from you. You are powerless against it so embrace it . You cannot rid it but fight it . Basically , make sure you are worth your fears.