victorian england but cash cab

Date: 12/17/2019

By rembrandt

cash cash but in victorian england and with no cabs it was at some lady’s estate in the countryside, she was a widow or something and she had an attendant who was also a young woman, dressed like a man. they were wearing very regal clothing. weird however because the house/gardens looked a lot like spanish style home, instead of english anyway, it was a game show. the first question was asked an the female attendant was able to get the answer in the nick of time. i can’t remember what this question was. then, the 2nd question was asked, this time a celebrity appeared, the clue was the film edward scissor hands and the act of cutting shrubbery, who was the main actor? the female attendant got this question again in the nick of time. johnny depp was literally there to, and she saw him. okay also the female attendant looked a lot like the lady from the pirates of the caribbean films. anyway after that she danced w/ the lady of the estate, and someone made a comment like: lol such typical english behavior for a woman to dance with another woman over johnny depp! i guess depp was interested in the young attendant but she clearly did not care, when she answered the question she knew his name out of pure luck. also that edward scissorhands question was a real one on cash cab. then my alarm went off and i woke up thinking now maybe it was the georgian era bc the pirates of the carribbean elements were so strong but idk. i think i remember thinking victorian in my dream.