Beat me up sis

Date: 7/22/2019

By sara9864

I was working at an ice cream place with like 3 other people and this weird guy kept coming in and was acting all sketch and would get angry when we would answer him and he tried to come in the 4th time and we locked the doors and windows and hid in the back room but he got in anyway and got in the back room but everyone else was gone but me and he started beating me up but would hold my leg and punch me and then i was crying walking home but i had to go to class and i didn’t know he was the teacher so when i saw him i was hiding in my seat so he didn’t see me but he did and when he walked by he would hold my leg like he was gonna beat me again but he didn’t then i went home and was scared of the guy and it was thanksgiving so i wanted to hang out with my friends so i went to the pool with them it was a really big pool and we were playing capture the flag in the pool and i asked my friend how was there thanksgiving and they got mad and was just like it’s fine and i told them about the guy and i started crying and they just left cuz hoes mad then i was walking home and i passed azelea park and there was a security guy and he told me he found my shoe in the park and to go in and look for it in the blue box but i was walking around everywhere and couldn’t find it but then he came out and said they accidentally went through the dry cleaners and brought out the clothes bag with my shoes in it so i left but they weren’t mine but i took them anyway then i went in these horse carriages but i had to pee so i stopped at like a beauty store and walked to the back and there was like a dressing room for an actor so i just walked in and used the bathroom and was walking around and looking at the clothes and someone cane in and was screaming at me and told me to rearrange all the clothes then i left