Paintballing and moving through a Big House, before I see her...

Date: 4/25/2019

By AJacobs

Lots of earlier parts were about fighting... Paintballing... Mostly around like an super giant semi truck or portable home type big box. Cover (outward facing doors) at the side with a peephole I could shoot through. Very low cover so i had to go prone. Not very wide either so if they charged they'd be able to see my legs. Also the peephole could be shot through. On their side of the big box. A half-walled aircraft stairway type thing on the right side. One time I got to the box. Looked in, shot at a guy at the other end a little. Then peaked right, seeing the stairway with one guy on top and one on bottom. I told this to a guy right next to me, then I drove behind the low cover. Looking through the peephole I could see them and they could see me. Eventually we traded rounds. I stayed there awhile. Rounds were hitting my cover and the peephole. I eventually scrambled up and behind the box. In a partially separate part of the dream, we were in a really big building. There may have been a little fighting. But then there were hundreds of people. Then I was with my family getting out of there. Later, in a car with someone driving me... home? We were at what I realized to be like St. Mary's road South of Gurnee. Dream ended with this weird section at like a little playground equipment/mini treehouse or something. In the grass next to a road/path in between trees. There was, or for a time, I may have become a small Indian boy, or there just was one... I was with one friend. There was like a guy and maybe the boy and/or a daughter. I needed... to go to the bathroom eventually. I also became/was nude and trying to cover myself with my hands. I think friend went to urinate in the trees. One of the people who was from there urinated in the treehouse/playground equipment I think which astonished me. It ended and I think me and my friend, who now was like Hobbes (from Calvin and Hobbes) or a bear or something, we were walking away. My perspective was from the girl on the playground equipment, watching us walk off. Also on the equipment was like this almost naughty picture comic strip or something. No nudity but like a cartoon Princess Leia with a big ass... why... In real life, I started to cream my underwear, and i felt it in dream too. So in the dream, I, as the girl, ran after me and my now furry (Tiger or Winny the Poo type bear) companion. I woke up as I/she ran forward.