A girl named Eris

Date: 2/2/2017

By VennChan

Dream journal Jan2017 In my dream there was a girl named eris, had heart disease and who just transferred in a Catholic Church but at first she went in a small room. Then in that small room, she saw girls and boys sitting. But when class finally starts, A priest showed up and only girls performed, like dancing and singing, I didnt know what they were singing, but eris was trying so hard to keep up, there's a moment when she sang solo, but it was only for 8 seconds or somethin like that. Then at the end, we kinda celebrate and cheer, I forgot what word was that, but I remembered that Eris shouted 'Rap', and that Rap was a guy, maybe he had a crush on him? In real life, I have a classmate that called 'Ralph'... Weird.... The preist and the rest of us cheered,clapped and so on, Then they rest for a bit, Onto the next obe, they went to a church, seemingly big, it was kinda vivid, then in there, all of us sang, we lines up and there were 5 rows, Eris was in then last row, as the priest waved a musical stick, The first row started singing, and then the second,the third, the fourth and thenfifth, over and over again, but they stopped because of Eris, it doesn't sound right at all I think, they were glancing ir staring at Eris, while Eris was so embarrassed, then the priest called a singer or maybe a tutor? Or a coach to teach Eris to sing, as he went close up to Eris face... and then they went to a hill road, they started to sing while walking up and down over and over again, Eris didn't really synchronized with them so, the tutor had to stop, they glanced at Eris again, as they went to eat their supper without Eris, Eris was walking in the halls and then stopped and sat down, as she sang so exquisitely that the echoes was heard through the halls, as her classmates heard the singing voice, they were really amazed and was curious who was singing, they followed who was singing, and that was the end of the dream...